Wall Vision – Wall Murals Without the Spray

We recently had the opportunity to meet the team from Wall Vision on a painting trip to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Besides playing host and taking us to all the best local waves, Greg and the team were really keen to get some insight into street art scene from those immersed in the culture. It was interesting to hear how they saw they saw street art culture from the outside looking in. Greg was quite open to the art form which in the sunshine state of Queensland has the strictest laws and biggest fines in the country. The acts¬†introduced have graffiti specific legislation giving local councils and government the power to rapidly remove graffiti and jail offenders. It’s a shame that the result of these acts has also led to the reduction of legal spots by the city councils, effectively strangling the life out of the underground wall art culture.

The result! courtesy of wall vision

We discussed latest trends and some of our favourite artists and biggest influences, and then we came to the topic of our own houses. Now, most of us have always wanted to paint our own place with crazy wall murals and characters, changing our most seen canvas on a weekly basis but because most of us are renting, this kind of behaviour is not conducive to a good relationship with your real estate agent. “What if I told you that I could put ¬†your favourite wall art pieces on your walls at home and it won’t cost you your bond?” asked Greg.”Your dreamin!” we replied emphatically. He quickly pulls out his computer and starts to show us his website.

The solution? Vinyl wall art. It is 100% removable and doesn’t damage the walls underneath. Sort of like a modern day wallpaper but without the mess and frustration associated with having to glue the wallpaper to the wall. the scope of what you could put on your walls was limitless, as long as you could find a decent quality photo, you’re in business! We walked up to the showroom to see some of the examples with our own eyes and we were absolutely blown away by the detail. The colours and definition of the feature walls was as bright as it looked the day we painted it! You could even see the individual blades of grass on the bottom of the wall, what can i say, we were very impressed.

With this great new idea in our heads we flew home and jumped straight on the computer to find a couple of photos of some of our favourite wall murals. After searching for a couple hours through the gigs of photos i decided on two massive wall murals, one for the living room and one for the kids wall. We sent the photos through to the Wall Vision team and had our new wall coverings the following week. After quickly preparing the walls and patching a couple holes, we had the new wall art installations up in just under an hour and they looked awesome!

Big shout out to the team at Wall Vision for the hook up with the new wall murals and the idea to get our favourite pieces printed. Now we will always have a life size copy of the original with no worries about landlords, or getting buffed!