Tips for Including Graffiti in Modern Interior Design

Graffiti is a great way of adding color, style, mood, excitement and an extraordinary feeling to your home interior. Graffiti is capable of changing your walls in almost all rooms of your house, giving each one of them the kind of mood that is just consistent with the room itself. Integration of graffiti as form of furniture and wall art has increasingly grown popular in the last few decades, owing to the kind of incredible results that home owners get out of it.

Modern Interior Design Graffiti

Kitchen Wall GraffitiIf you are aspiring to give life and add meaning to your home interior, you have a wide range of approaches to use, right from the simple stencil-style creations that convey a number of meanings, to a more elaborate, bright and awakening hip hop-inspired designs that will instantly claim the attention of your visitors whenever they enter your home. Here are a few tips you might consider to make your home interior great:


Your kitchen is a place that requires a combination of creative skills in the preparation of food and arrangement of your cutlery and utensils. How great would it appear if you extended this kind of creativity to the walls? A combination of fun and bold numbers and letters together with some catchy drawings can be great in transforming your kitchen experience.


Bedroom Wall GraffitiYour bedroom requires a mood of relaxation. Flowers and other drawings that portray relaxation, including simple words that convey deep meaning to your life like “LOVE” can be incredible in your bedroom, together with the modern enriching colored lights you might choose.

Sitting Room

In your sitting room, welcoming words and pictures that portray happiness will make your visitors feel at home, however short their stay may be. Graffiti interior design can also be used to personalize your furniture by adding fun to it or by simply making it rhyme with the entire interior space. Try out graffiti on your furniture with matching and alternating shapes and colors and see how great it will appear.

In a nutshell, graffiti is a complete way of personalizing your interior space and adding meaning to your home and your life. It is the basis of happiness with your family, giving each room its mood and feeling, including children’s rooms. Key to the successful integration of graffiti is the application of creativity. Ultimately, your interior home will acquire a complete transformation to a totally new level.