Artistic Wall and Interior Design Will Liven Up Your Home

Making your house look warm and welcoming is not as difficult as many people believe. Although you need to know some basic design principles to help you make the best decisions, your goal should ultimately be to create an environment that exemplifies your own preferences and personality.

Plan First

tree wall stickerBefore anything you should plan out what you want to do in entirety. Do not rush out to buy artwork in a hurry. Have a good idea of the entire concept you want to create, so you don’t find yourself stuck half way through at a loss for what to do next.

Select a Colour Scheme

Selecting a colour scheme is the first thing you should do when adding in a feature wall, or renovating a dull area of the home. If you can’t decide, trim your options down to a few colors that you really love, and only focus on deciding between those colours. At the end of the day, the colour choice is a personal decision and the needs to be one that more importantly than anything, appeals to you.

Steal What You See

Don’t be afraid to steal other people’s ideas and make them your own. Make a few changes and personalise the artistic concept to fit your requirements. Combine multiple ideas to come up will something unique. You can find inspiration in magazines, online or from friends and family.

Mix and Match Your Furniture

If you’ve recently moved in to a new residence, you probably require some new furniture. If you fall in this category, don’t buy all your furniture from a single outlet. Instead, find one or two pieces your really like and then find other furniture items that match with them from other furniture stores.

Stylish, loud, or zany items should always be selected as a centre-piece and then the rest of the home furnishings can be selected to fit with them. Replica furniture, tribal pieces and luxurious chase lounges are all good examples of this. Pick furniture from different sources, but ensure you adhere to your color scheme. By choosing not to buy all your furniture from the same store, you’ll ensure you won’t end up with a generic, sterile look.

You also don’t have to spend a lot of money to acquire furniture. It is possible to get good used inexpensive furniture that is of good quality. Check local classifieds online and in local media for bargain furniture. Often when people are moving it is easier for them to sell some items than to relocated them as well.

Paint a Feature Wall or Two

orange floral feature wall

A vibrant feature wall in a modern home

Many people believe that white walls make your home look bigger; but adding a splash of color to your walls brings out this effect because it gives the illusion of depth. You don’t actually have to paint all the walls though. Just a single feature wall can bring a room to life! When doing this, choose a colour that matches your furniture and decor, and one that sits with the rest of your interior plan, to ensure you will be happy with the final result.

If you’re renting and your landlord doesn’t want you to paint, consider some contemporary wallpaper or wall stickers instead. Wallpaper might seem expensive at first, but you can remove and reuse it after you relocate from your current house or apartment. Wall stickers are a cheaper option but won’t be reusable.

Add a Rug

colourful rug

A bright rug can bring a room to life

Bare floors can look drab and boring. Rugs and floor coverings can make your house look bigger, warmer and more welcoming. If you have a large space to fill, choose a big rug. Bigger rugs can dramatically change the feel and look of a room, and should not be discounted and a fairly cheap and very easy way to completely redefine the vibe of a room.

We like some of the more colourful floor rugs from the Rug Republic collection. That said however, a rug is a very personal item and you should choose something that matches your furniture and interior. If you’re colour theme is more earthy, you may prefer a natural fibre rug design, or if you want something really loud a modern patchwork rug might be for you. Take a look online or at your local rug store for more ideas.

Use Your Personality to Fill the Walls and Shelves

Using your own personality to design your home makes it unique and special. Utilize the walls with shelving is an easy way to achieve a personalised look. Purchase some quality art that appeals to you to achieve this. Many people resort to buying generic and fake art, in an effort to save money and the end results can seem a bit drab. If you do not have money, it is possible to create your own art. Art you have designed yourself has a much more impressive backstory than anything you can buy.

It is possible to have beautifully decorated home, suitable for a magazine or TV programme, even on a budget. You don’t need to hire an interior designer or spend a lot of money in order to achieve this. With proper planning and the right colour selection, rugs and some art, your home will look a million dollars in no time.