Bring a Splash of Colour into your Life!

It is easy to get carried away in the mundane drudgery of modern day life. Slaving away at the 9-to-5, feeling like you have no time to spend with your friends and family, and no money to spend. Sometimes we forget who we are, what our real purpose is, and even just to participate and appreciate in the actual joys of living.

a brightly coloured wall

Nothing shows you’ve thought about your interiour design better than a brilliant feature wall

One way to forget the negativity and bring you back to a happier, more conscious state, is by adding a splash of colour to your life. There are 1001 ways you can do that will not only bring a smile to your face and distract you from the stresses of life, but also bring a smile to the face of others. Vibrant colour gives off an energy that we can absorb. You feel it on a sunny day when the skies are a brilliant blue. You feel it looking at a brightly coloured rainbow after the rains pass or looking over the lush green hills and grasses a few days after them. What many people don’t realise however is that this effect can be created in your home, on the clothes you wear, and you can even take it with you wherever you go.

Paint a brightly coloured feature wall, wear a fluorescent pair of socks, or hang some psychedelic art in your office. These are just a few of the things you can do to brighten your life. By doing something like this and putting your energy into something colourful to lift your spirits you will subconsciously be reminded every time you interact with those colours about the good things in your life and the reasons you have to be happy.

airchair inflatable lounge

The AirChair comes in a selection of bright and eye-catching colours

A few products we have seen lately go by this philosophy. Bright colours create warmth and happiness. Some of you may have seen the lamzac portable lounge chairs online. They are small, lightweight, inflatable lounges of sorts that can be set up in seconds. We tested out a few on our weekly visits to the beach and their great. They’re bright, comfortable, and best of all quite cheap.

The brand we bought is called AirChair, and we selected these amongst the plethora of companies selling similar products because they are being sold by an Australian company with a good track record of customer service and a lot of positive reviews. These AirChairs were the inspiration for this post because the bright colours, usefulness, and versatility always bring a smile to my face.

an Amnesia shirt

One of the bight and colourful designs from the team at Amnesia.

Another brand that has had an impact on me lately and livens up my mood on a regular basis is Amnesia Clothing. I came across this fashion label earlier this year and after falling in love with one of their designs, I ended up purchasing several more of their shirts. Take a look at their vibrant designs here and tell me they would bring a smile to your face.

While there are hundreds or possibly even thousands of brilliant designers with vibrant positive and wonderful clothing, this is just one that had an effect on me lately. Be it in your clothes, on your walls, or in your furniture, there is no denying the fact that brilliant colours give off positive emotion. So if you could use some more happiness in your life, and let’s be honest who couldn’t, upgrade your space today and fill your life with positive emotion.