Fly Peacock – Wild Print T Shirts

We Recently road tripped it down to Rainbow Serpent festival in Western Victoria to check out the always interesting, colourful, and downright bizarre art installations they have on show for the five days. It was a spectacular experience and not only did we come across some really creative artworks we also rubbed shoulders with a bunch of the artists. bird singlet

Among them were Gopal, Mukunda and Shanil. This amazingly talented trio are the brains behind the Fly Peacock brand. The brand itself tries to encapsulate a nomadic, spiritual energy through the use of loud colours, unique designs and one off cuts and prints. After talking with the group it was easy to see that this sort of direction was right for the brand, as the presence of the trio and the conversations had very similar undertones. I mentioned that the feature images of many of the print t shirts were natural scenery with a somewhat unnatural twist through enhanced colours and distorted views. “We try and portray the raw image in a way that the brain can recognise, but also try and make it look surreal, it’s a fine balance.” Mukunda replied in a distant tone as he kicked back in his fluro green hammock, suspended between two ancient gumtrees. “Vibrant colours in nature are all around us; that being said, a lot of Australia is covered in earthy tones. We try and help people to remember the vibrancy and importance of nature though our t shirts and singlets.”


The team insist on only running limited prints and cuts of all of their range. This is a great idea as we all know there is nothing worse than picking up the dopest singlet you have ever seen and then seeing 10 other blokes rocking the exact same print (not just a female trait lads, admit it). The Fly Peacock brand is relatively new so the trio have been following festivals like rainbow serpent up and down the east coast pedalling their wares, offering up new print t shirts and festival singlets at each musical encounter. The trio said they have already got plenty unique designs ready to go so as they sell out of one design they can easily chuck up another, just as exciting style!

Cactus Pants

My favourite two pieces that were on show were the G Feather singlet and the Big Blue Prickle quick dry shorts. I got both pieces for a steal and they feel awesome! the singlet is a cotton/Polyester blend  (65/35) so it is soft as hell and is a little cooler on those hot summer days. So as your bouncing around the festival circuit this summer keep your eyes peeled for the guys from Fly Peacock and be sure to go and say g’day!



On the Run Paint Markers

We recently got our hands on a whole set of On The Run paint markers and boy did we have some fun with these bad boys! With a huge range of nib sizes from 1.1 inch all the way own to ballpoint size, this range of markers and pens has you covered for any mission. Our favourite here at Bondi Road Art was far and away the Soultip Squeeze markers. Th coverage of these on any surface was phenomenal! We tried it out on everything including steel, rough concrete, brick, plastic, hell we even painted the pet turtles shell! Could not fault it in any way!

on the run

The Moppin’ markers were just as solid. the real highlight of this range was the quality of the nibs used. they are hearty, strong and reliable and can really take a lot of use. This is great as we have found with other markers similar to the On The Run line wear down a lot quicker which is really annoying when you still have half a pens-worth of pant trapped in your near new marker that you outlaid solid cash for.

One thing that does lack a little with the On The Run markers is the colour vibrancy. The wrapper has you expecting the world with super bright colours that entice you when you’re holding up the two options in your local store. Don’t get me wrong the coverage of the colour and thickness is fine, but they should really work on matching the outside to the inside a little more as it is a little deceiving.

When it comes to price, the On The Run markers are more expensive at most shops than the Montanas which is a shame as we believe they are probably on par overall. Because of this differing price point and the lacking vibrancy of the colours compared to the cheaper alternatives of your well known brands, it might be a while before we make the change full time, which is a shame as its’ nice to support the up and coming companies when you can, but when you are scraping together the coins out of your centre console to get up, well, you do what you gotta do.