Bondi Road Art is all about Wall Art, or graffiti to those who despise it. We pull our inspiration not just from Bondi, but from all over Australia and beyond. There are so many amazing wall murals popping up all over the world with so many great crews and artists behind them that a lot of the creativity goes unnoticed and is buffed off before people get a chance to really appreciated the time and effort that went into creating it. So we want to have this collection of wall art online for you, the viewers at home, who love the style but might not know the spots where these works are created. If you love to graff or have always wanted to but never picked up a can, it doesn’t matter, this site will provide a great mix of content for beginners as well as your more experienced artists.

Here at Bondi Road Art we aim to report on local and international wall art trends, feature a variety of artists, explore local scenes, and review new technologies in the art game. whether it’s canvas, spray, watercolour or vinyl wall art, we will try and give you a broad spectrum of influences to appreciate and help you mould your own custom style.

Our passion comes from many years of painting. We cut our teeth in the world of street art as youngsters but have since branched out into more traditional art forms to experiment with new materials and styles and to get out of our comfort zone. Even so, the heart and soul will never leave the street art culture behind.

We are currently looking for local artists to add to our featured artists section, so if you believe your work cuts the mustard, leave a comment with your email on any post and we will get back to you asap. Also any advertisers looking to expand their reach we are offering opportunities for some limited homepage real estate. We are not currently sponsored by any paint companies and therefore don’t have a preferred supplier, just sayin’ 😉

If you painted any of the work, or there is a piece you believe is credited incorrectly, please leave a comment on the post and we will rectify asap. We are all about giving credit to the amazing artists when credit is due.

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